Sean Bowen is National Rivers Champ

Sean Bowen National Rivers Champion

Brendan Spillane Munster ITFFA Chairman presents Sean Bowen with Rivers National Trophy

On a very bright and warm day in the town of Mallow Sean Bowen who is as local as it gets as when it comes to fishing this venue turned in the perfect score with a minimum score of 4 placing points in the Rivers National Championships with 4 session wins. Sean who is no stranger to the ITFFA scene on both rivers and Lough style was once again on form to turn in a great performance and show off his range of talents on the river banks. He was followed home by Connaught Angler Ciaran Reilly who was 1 place point behind.

Ciaran Reilly recieves 2nd place award from Brendan Spillane

In 3rd place today was yet another Connaught Angler Darius Simkus with the same placing points as Ciaran Reilly but with an inferior number of fish.

Darius Simkus recieves 3rd place award from Kieran Casey ITFFA Treasurer


Andrew Sloan 4th place

Mark Sloan 5th Place

Ulster duo of Andrew and Mark Sloan filled the reamining 2 qualifying places on the 2025 teams. The first sub will be Phil Poots from Ulster who was 6th in the event.


The 2025 International will be held on the same water again on the second week of June next year and the 5 qualifiers will now represent Ireland for this.

The ITFFA would like to thank the Mallow clubs for their hosting of the Rivers National. We would also like to thank the Fishery Owners who kindly allowed the use of the waters for this event as well as the stewards who generously gave of their time to scrutinise the anglers in extremely warm conditions. All of this would not be possible without all your help.

2025 Internatiional Rivers Team

Mark Sloan, Andrew Sloan, Darius Simkus, Sean Bowen, Ciaran Reilly & Phil Poots(Sub)

Full results from rivers national are available on the results section of this website