Scotland claim gold on Ennell


Scotland were the victors in the spring international on Lough Ennell. Their winning total of 13 trout was enough to claim the gold with a margin of 5 trout over the Irish who were runners up with Wales in 3rd.

On what was a fantastic week enjoyed by all competitors the fishing was more than testing and proved to be very tough even for the most expierenced and talented anglers in the British Isles. The rod average for this match was predicted to be low right from the time that this venue was selected and so that was proved correct. All during the week in practice the common theme of converstaion each evening back in the Bloomfield House Hotel was of what a lovely water Lough Ennell is but how challenging it was to even hook up on even a single trout a day. Each of the practice days teams were having their difficulties in landing a form of a substantial bag.


By the time the clock struck 10am and the 56 competitors set off with their stewards the conditions were absolutely ideal for tradition Lough style angling. The level of organisation for the event was military like and we have to thank the Lough Ennell Club and their committee for hosting this international. A big thank you to our Association Chairman and Lough Ennell Clubman Brendan Murray for all the work he put to arranging all the Boatman from Monday through to Friday. Also a big thank you to all the boatman who made themselves available for the week and the assistance they provided to all the 4 teams.

By the time the teams returned to the marina at 6pm the anticipation of their returns was building and as the team managers quickly did a quick tally from all the returning boats it became evident that Scotland Manager Derek Keenan was the quickly gaining in confidence that his charges may be in pole position

Derek Keenan Scotland Team Manager

When Michael Callaghan International Secretary finally announced the official results at 6.45pm he confirmed the following results

Scotland 13 trout

Ireland  8 trout

Wales  4 trout

England 3 trout

So Scotland had done it and claimed the their first International on Irish soil since they had won on Lough Conn back in 2010

Brown Bowl is shared by Irish Captain Seamus O Loughlin and Scot Martin McCafferty who had 2 trout each


Brown Bowl is shared by Irish Captain Seamus O Loughlin and Scot Martin McCafferty who had 2 trout each


Seamus O Loughlin with Brown Bowl & H.Emyr Lewis Memorial for Longest Trout

For the full results of the Spring International it can be viewed in our results section.

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