The I.T.F.F.A Fundraiser Sponored by Southside Angling will be held on Lough Lene on Saturday July 13th

The I.T.F.F.A Fundraiser Sponored by Southside Angling will be held on Lough Lene on Saturday July 13th. Many thanks to Dave Mc Bride for his continuous support.
The competition will be from 11am till 5pm registration at 10am.
Teams will comprise of 4 anglers over 18 years of age, 2 boating and 2 non boating. We also need the name of your captain.
All teams must be from clubs affiliated to I.T.F.F.A.
Entry fee will be 160 euro. Cheques or postal orders made out to I.T.F.FA can be sent to Noel Shiels.
Again all Senior anglers who fished or will fish Internationals this year need to attend to benefit from the funds raised.
Anyone wishing to donate prizes for a raffle on the day please contact me directly.
I want to thank Tommy Fagan and the Lough Lene commitee for the use of their facilities and letting the association run the Fundraiser on Lough Lene.
Thank you for your support
Denis Goulding PRO I.T.F.F.A.

Eddie Harte reclaims his National Title in Killarney

Sligo Angler Eddie Harte has reclaimed the National Lake Title on Lough Lein Killarney Today with another success after his first national on Lough Conn in 2022. His bag of 5 trout was great return from todays event as fish were very hard to come by. He was followed home by Padraic Walsh from Cornamona in second and Tommy Whelan from Mallow  3rd who each had 4 trout. Congratulations to Dorrie Gibbons who won the best Lady Angler and to  Padraic who also won the heaviest fish. Many thanks to Brendan Spillane and his committee for running a flawless event and to the Parks and Wildlife and the Fishery Board for all their help. Its no mean feat running a big event as the National.  Also i would like to thanks Michael Monaghan and Kieran Casey for their tireless work, many thanks to all involved, especially the boatmen that gave up their time.

More details to follow but here are the results in full 2024 National Results


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Sean Bowen is National Rivers Champ

Sean Bowen National Rivers Champion

Brendan Spillane Munster ITFFA Chairman presents Sean Bowen with Rivers National Trophy

On a very bright and warm day in the town of Mallow Sean Bowen who is as local as it gets as when it comes to fishing this venue turned in the perfect score with a minimum score of 4 placing points in the Rivers National Championships with 4 session wins. Sean who is no stranger to the ITFFA scene on both rivers and Lough style was once again on form to turn in a great performance and show off his range of talents on the river banks. He was followed home by Connaught Angler Ciaran Reilly who was 1 place point behind.

Ciaran Reilly recieves 2nd place award from Brendan Spillane

In 3rd place today was yet another Connaught Angler Darius Simkus with the same placing points as Ciaran Reilly but with an inferior number of fish.

Darius Simkus recieves 3rd place award from Kieran Casey ITFFA Treasurer


Andrew Sloan 4th place

Mark Sloan 5th Place

Ulster duo of Andrew and Mark Sloan filled the reamining 2 qualifying places on the 2025 teams. The first sub will be Phil Poots from Ulster who was 6th in the event.


The 2025 International will be held on the same water again on the second week of June next year and the 5 qualifiers will now represent Ireland for this.

The ITFFA would like to thank the Mallow clubs for their hosting of the Rivers National. We would also like to thank the Fishery Owners who kindly allowed the use of the waters for this event as well as the stewards who generously gave of their time to scrutinise the anglers in extremely warm conditions. All of this would not be possible without all your help.

2025 Internatiional Rivers Team

Mark Sloan, Andrew Sloan, Darius Simkus, Sean Bowen, Ciaran Reilly & Phil Poots(Sub)

Full results from rivers national are available on the results section of this website

National Lake Championships Lough Lein Killarney

National Lake Championships Lough Lein Killarney

The 2024 National Lake Championships will take place on Saturday next June 8th on the scenic venue of Lough Lein Killarney. There will be a total of 116 anglers from all four provinces taking part with 13 places up for grabs on the 2025 International Teams. This would normally have been 14 place but with Seamus O Loughlin winning the Brown Bowl on Lough Ennell in the Spring International he now retains a place on next years teams so reducing the number of qualifiers by 1 place.

Fishing will be from 10.00am to 6pm with all boats to depart from Ross Castle. 

Just one very impotant note for all that are coming to fish the Nationals next weekend.We have been asked to implement Biosecurity measures by the National parks & wildlife for the National. We will have bio security dipping stations in place and would ask that all anglers clean their boots and nets at these stations on the morning. We are making the Parks and Wildlife aware that only boats and engines from Killarney are going to be used for the match as well as practice days.
If you have any whats app groups etc can you message your anglers and male them aware of these measures. Its important that we do this properly as it could affect future competitions on Lough Lein.
We would like to thanks in advance you all for your cooperation on this matter.
The full draw for the event can be viewed here2024 National Championships Draw

National Rivers Championships

The Cork town of Mallow plays host on this Saturday June 1st the ITFFA Rivers National on the Munster Blackwater. This of course is a qualifier for the 2025 Home International which will also be hosted by the Mallow clubs. Anglers from all 4 province will battle it out on Saturday next. The current high level of water still in the Blackwater River is a little concerning but with a relatively good weather forecast predicted this week its fingers crossed that venue will be terrific condition for Saturday Morning. As per usual rules all practicing on the waters is strictly forbidden for the remainder of this week.

Scotland claim gold on Ennell


Scotland were the victors in the spring international on Lough Ennell. Their winning total of 13 trout was enough to claim the gold with a margin of 5 trout over the Irish who were runners up with Wales in 3rd.

On what was a fantastic week enjoyed by all competitors the fishing was more than testing and proved to be very tough even for the most expierenced and talented anglers in the British Isles. The rod average for this match was predicted to be low right from the time that this venue was selected and so that was proved correct. All during the week in practice the common theme of converstaion each evening back in the Bloomfield House Hotel was of what a lovely water Lough Ennell is but how challenging it was to even hook up on even a single trout a day. Each of the practice days teams were having their difficulties in landing a form of a substantial bag.


By the time the clock struck 10am and the 56 competitors set off with their stewards the conditions were absolutely ideal for tradition Lough style angling. The level of organisation for the event was military like and we have to thank the Lough Ennell Club and their committee for hosting this international. A big thank you to our Association Chairman and Lough Ennell Clubman Brendan Murray for all the work he put to arranging all the Boatman from Monday through to Friday. Also a big thank you to all the boatman who made themselves available for the week and the assistance they provided to all the 4 teams.

By the time the teams returned to the marina at 6pm the anticipation of their returns was building and as the team managers quickly did a quick tally from all the returning boats it became evident that Scotland Manager Derek Keenan was the quickly gaining in confidence that his charges may be in pole position

Derek Keenan Scotland Team Manager

When Michael Callaghan International Secretary finally announced the official results at 6.45pm he confirmed the following results

Scotland 13 trout

Ireland  8 trout

Wales  4 trout

England 3 trout

So Scotland had done it and claimed the their first International on Irish soil since they had won on Lough Conn back in 2010

Brown Bowl is shared by Irish Captain Seamus O Loughlin and Scot Martin McCafferty who had 2 trout each


Brown Bowl is shared by Irish Captain Seamus O Loughlin and Scot Martin McCafferty who had 2 trout each


Seamus O Loughlin with Brown Bowl & H.Emyr Lewis Memorial for Longest Trout

For the full results of the Spring International it can be viewed in our results section.

2024 Spring International Lough Ennell

2024 Spring International Lough Ennell

Exciting times ahead in the coming week for the ITFFA as they once again play host to the 2024 Spring International on Lough Ennell in Mullingar. With the arrivals of the teams from England Scotland and Wales over the weekend the excitement is building in advance of the International match on Friday May 24th. Lough Ennell is a very picturesque but formidable venue and will truly test the skill set of all the participating anglers for the week. The Irish team captained by Ennis angler Seamus O Loughlin boasts a very experienced line up even though it does include 4 debutants. Congatulations to the new caps on this team Joe Ferguson, Terry McGovern, Daniel Sweeney & Ronan Meghan who make their international debut here but are still very expierenced when it comes to the style of angling required on this venue. Once again Irish Team manager is Michael Monaghan who is ably assisted by Kieran Casey and Brendan Murray who is the boat manager for the week. Also a big thanks goes to Dave McBride in Southside Angling for his continued sponsorship of the Irish Teams.


Seamus O Loughlin Irish Captain

Irish Team sponsored by Southside Angling

Seamus O Loughlin (Capt), Andrew Boyd, Stephen Browne, Padraic Fahy,  Nigel Greene,  John O Neill,  Terry McGovern,  Brendan Spillane,  Brian Stanfield,  Daniel Sweeney,  Gary Smith, Hubert Smith,  Joe Ferguson & Ronan Meghan

Team Manager Michael Monaghan

Things will kick off on Tuesday when the first official practice days will take place. All anglers will be accompanied by boatman assigned to them for the week in both practice as well as the matchday when they will also act as stewards. The size limit for matchday has been set as 35cm to the fork of the tail. On match day the Competition is total Catch & Release. All eligible fish will be measured, released and recorded on the scorecard. Anglers will be awarded 20 points per fish
plus one point per cm rounded up.  A catch and release policy will also operate on practice days.
No drogues will be allowed for this International.

For the full list of each of the teams and match booklet click hereITFFA Match Booklet Lough Ennell

On behalf of the Irish Trout Fly Fishing Association we would like to wish all four teams the best of luck for the week and hope that they all enjoy the Lough Ennell expierence.

All updates for the weeks events will be posted here and on our Facebook page so keep in touch with us.


Jack Maher delivers the Munster Lake with Lough Lein Cracker

Young Jack Maher representing the Cashel/Golden Club picked up the Munster Lake on Lough Lein with a rarely seen Killarney cracker.

Weighing in at 1.113kgs or 2.45lbs in old money this single fish which was landed in the early afternoon in Bog Bay was responsible for claiming top spot on a tough day for most anglers. The Munster lake which was hosted jointly by both ITFFA and TAFI boasted an fantastic entry of 140 anglers which set out at 10.30am in calm but overcast conditions. Given that conditions were fairly ideal after a few days of very warm and bright weather it was dissapointing that the lake fished as tough as it did. Only 63 anglers returned at least 1 fish and no angler on the day had more than 3 to weigh-in when the boats returned at 5.30pm. It was generally accepted by all that it was a very tough day on the lake but that its was great to see a great mix of young and old angling fraternity mixing it up at yet another great event. The full list of the results are now available on the results section of this website. The following are the list of qualifiers for the ITFFA Inter Pro in Lough Lene on August 17th Munter InterPro Team 2024

It will be interesting to see if the fishing improves before we all assemble on the venue for our National Championships on June 8th

Stephen Browne wins Connaught Cup on Lough Mask

70 anglers took the the waters of Lough Mask from Cushlough. Conditions were testing for wet fly anglers as for several hours it was very bright, and at times, calm. Stephen Browne was first place for the third time, with Darius Simkus second and Rónan Gobbons third. Niall Gelston had the heaviest fish. The competition was fished on a partial catch and release basis. Our sincere thanks to Ballinrobe and District anglers for hosting the event and the many boatmen on the day. Thanks also to the boating anglers and the anglers themselves.
Interpro team for Connacht:
The following are to represent Connaught in the Inter-Provincial2024 Connaught Cup Qualifiers